Well it seems to have been a rather long formula 1 season with lots of ups and downs, but the real story of the year was the fight between Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg. I think that there were moments in time where both of them behave like spoilt children, but at the end of the season it would appear that, (well in my opinion anyway!), the right man won the championship.

 At times, like Monaco for instance when Nico "accidentally" messed up a qualifying lap which meant that the area of the track in which he went off had yellow flags waving, and meant that any drivers going through the area, like Lewis, couldn't set a faster time, it felt like the season was about two schoolboys having a petty argument in the playground. Then there are unanswered questions like was it really a "servicing error" that caused Nico's car to fail at the Singapore Grand Prix. This having followed the race in which Nico had ruined Lewis's race on the first lap by puncturing his tyre… Had Mercedes intervened?… It was starting to become a bit of a story of intrigue…

Whatever machinations went on behind the scene, Lewis was by far the most stoic and focused character, and from the moment that he beat Nico off the line at the final race, regardless of the fact that Nico's car also failed in this race, it was clear that Lewis knew that this title was his.

Congratulations Lewis Hamilton double Formula One world champion!