Gary QuigleyI'm Gary Quigley, otherwise known as Quiggles.

I've "worked with computers" since my early 20s. I started in IT programming ruggedised mobile computers in the 90s, so you could say I was an early app developer! From there I moved through systems analysis, project management, post sales implementations and nowadays I work primarily in a pre-sales technical and management role with a nod to product development.

For nearly 15 years I worked as a Solutions Consultant/Technical Pre-Sales Manager for Nuance Communications, (a role that is sometimes known as a Sales Engineer). This job meant I worked alongside the sales team as a product and solutions expert, assisting in the technical side of closing their business. The products that I looked after include a number of imaging products, (PDF and OCR), for around 10 years, but the product with which I did the most work is the speech recognition software called Dragon Professional. I helped the sales team communicate the productivity capabilities of speech recognition software, but we also promoted it as a product for those with various assistive needs including RSI, dyslexia amongst other issues. My role also meant that I interacted with the product development team, so I had a little sway with creating future versions of the product. Naturally, there will be blogs I create on this website that talk about using speech recognition more effectively. Sadly a restructure of the company means that I no longer work there, but have broadly stayed in IT since.

At home I'm the proud father of 2 and equally proud husband of artist Jo Quigley, (

I have project managed the build of an extension to my house and participated in a huge amount of the building work myself. This wasn't a small job, as we added over 100m2 to the floor area of the house.

I have a keen interest in all kinds of technology, I create websites for others, and really enjoy motorsport, particularly Formula 1 and the British Touring Car Championship.

[Updated August 2021]