Since August of last year I have had a Ring Pro Doorbell which I bought from Amazon, (Ring are in fact owned by Amazon), - And currently this is priced at about £200, but with Amazon it always seems to pay to watch an item for a while and wait for price fluctuations. I say this because I managed to get this for about £60 cheaper - it always pays to be a little price savvy. There are also other models available, but the Pro was the only one that would fit where I wanted it.

It was easy to install, and if you do need assistance there are loads of helpful guides on YouTube that will help you with the process.

Obviously the main selling point is house security and being able to remotely answer the door, but I do like a gadget that has an API available. So currently I'm working on a Windows application that will automatically download the video files from the Ring website. There is a small fee payable to view your videos in the cloud, but depending on the subscription you have paid, Ring will only keep that video for about 30 days, and then it disappears. Prior to the point you can download this on your mobile device, but it's a completely manual process for each video.

Personally I'd like to have the videos in perpetuity, or at least until I decide that it is no longer needed, so using my C# capabilities and Koen Zomers Ring API which I found on GitHub at, I will be creating an appropriate tool. I did spot a small issue in the API last year, but Koen was very responsive and has fixed the issue.

I've fleshed out a basic program that I'm currently testing out and will probably publish it for others to use at some stage, but what features would you like to see? Please get in contact and let me know what you think, and who knows I may incorporate your ideas.