These days we all like to use our smartphones for many different tasks and in my case a few of those tasks are in my car. I have the ubiquitous iPhone and in my car I use it as my SatNav, (using the fantastic and free CoPilot GPS app), and obviously as a music player.

Like most cars, the dashboard isn't that great for mounting bits of kit that weren't designed by the vehicle manufacturer, so I had to come up with my own solution. I have tried all the mounts that you can find on EBay and the like, but all these suction cup solutions always seemed a bit flimsy. You also have the eternal issue of sticking them to the screen and wiping off the suction cup circles when you park in a public place.

I particularly liked the Brodit mount system, but it usually requires 2 bits, a ProClip for your car, and a holder for your device. However, I didn't like this because it means that I have to change the holder every time I change the device I use.

So I created a hybrid solution, and for this I used a magic dashboard mat, (available here amongst others), and the ProClip dashboard mount from Brodit.

You just cut the mat to the right size and your phone just "sticks" to it... The great thing is that the sticky mat isn't actually sticky, well it is but it's not! It feels sticky but it's just silicone so doesn't lose it's sticking capability by losing any adhesive as you use it. If the stick does diminish, it's generally because it's got dusty and all you have to do is wash it, let it dry, and it's magically "sticky" again.