As we all know Windows 10 is mooted for release later in 2015, probably with the initial desktop releases in about July, and other variants following later in the year.

One version of Windows 10 that is causing a degree of excitement is the Raspberry Pi variant. This will be a very much cut down version of the OS and is not intended to be a desktop alternative, rather more a cut down version to power IoT* type solutions.


There have been consumer releases of the desktop version for some time, (we ar now on build 10061), but there is now a release for the Raspberry Pi. So if you are interested in taking a look at this, you could do far worse that pop over to Scott Hanselman's blog to get the low down on how to achieve this. The article can be found at

Scott Hanselman works for the Web Platform team at Microsoft, and if you are interested in pretty much anything coming of Microsoft currently it's worth subscribing to his RSS and YouTube feeds.


IoT - Internet of Things, another area that I really should write a post about!