One thing that can make a huge difference to the look and feel of a website are the fonts used within the site. It's very easy to get locked into the idea that you should restrict yourself to the "web safe fonts" such as those defined at W3 schools.

However whether being "safe" is the right way forward with the 21st century web I think is open to some debate. Certainly in the early days of the web we were restricted by the fonts effectively built into the OS or browser of your web page viewer, and thus your ability to express yourself, (fontwise), was restricted by environments you didn't have full control of.

Often sites were dressed up with the much maligned Comic Sans font, which interestingly I recently found out was never intended to be a web page font - Fontroversy : What's the deal with Comic Sans.

Now you are not restricted by what's on your viewers computer because you can effectively get your fonts served up by a 3rd party web service. A number of which are detailed in this article -

On this site I use the Google font service to express my "individuality", so if you run a website of any kind why not spruce it up a little?

It should also be said that the Google fonts can be downloaded using the process stated at