James Senior has published a new post on mesh here describing using Live Mesh with different kinds of devices.

Mesh Endpoints

In essence there are four types of devices available - Creators, Consumers, Rich End-Points and Processors.

Creators are devices that create content and put it into the mesh for synchronization to devices. Sot this could be a digital camera that is connected by an eye-Fi SD card to the Mesh.

Consumers would be devices that can consume information synchronized in Live Mesh, which could be a picture or a mp3 player.

Rich End-points are the computers and devices that want to do more than create or consume content.

Processors are devices that might carry out a service behind the scenes for the user or their devices in their Mesh. An example of a processor might be online backup where your data can be backed up in the background to a storage device outside of your existing Mesh.

When you view Mesh in this context, it really seems that they sky is the limit!

Anyway pop over to James' blog and read about it in more detail.