So I guess any blog has to start with a post of some kind, and obviously this is going to be mine… There you go; my first statement of the obvious!

In principle I don’t actually get blogs… Now there’s a good statement to start a blog with. Why don’t I get them? Well who’s interested in what I have to say?! I guess, in principle no-one is and everyone is at the same time – it just depends on what you have to say. I did start one a number of years ago, but  I didn’t do it for very long.


I did say in one post – “I have just kind of realised that blogging, potentially is a flawed medium – by this I mean that if I have a different take on a situation, whether it be world news or my mates barbeque – then if I pour out my thoughts in a blog and others don’t like it, then it can cause problems. So blogs are never going to be out pouring of the heart, unless you are very secure in the knowledge that you are not going to annoy someone close to you.” I still agree with this line of thought, however I don’t intend to get personal with this blog, unless I can something positive about a situation that I think others may be interested in hearing about.

As I now I have a more interesting job (Pre-Sales Technical Manager/Sales Engineer of Productivity Tools at Nuance in the UK, including the Dragon Naturally Speaking product, which is speech recognition software), and could be argued, a more interesting life – I may have more of interest to say about myself and the world at large, than in my previous attempt. Who knows?!

I use the excellent Google reader – and I read lots of other people’s blogs – mostly they are technical blogs and in a blog or two I’ll talk a little more about them. If you click on “View my Complete Profile” on this page you can see what it is I’m reading.

Anyway that’s me for now – let’s hope I keep it going!