One of the frustrating things of running a blog, is that you actually have to write stuff occasionally! I suppose nobody actually makes you do a blog, and it's questionable as to whether anybody is actually reading it anyway!

However, there is something in my head that says it's a good thing to do, not least because it can bring some level of catharsis to you. Actually, I needed to check the word catharsis, as I was more inclined to use the word cathartic. Of course, what I am trying to say is that a blog can be a cleansing experience of all those things that are rattling around your head.

And to that end, the definition of catharsis as defined on Wikipedia, "Catharsis or katharsis  is a Greek word meaning 'cleansing' or 'purging' ", so that fits the bill. What is more troubling though is the fact that I often use the word cathartic to describe this process, but the definition of cathartic as defined on Wikipedia, is "In medicine, a cathartic is a substance that accelerates defecation".

I couldn't find any other definition of the word cathartic, as meaning to do something to generally purge yourself. Mind you it could back up the line of thought that the contents of most blogs, (and perhaps this one included), are usually a load of ****. Oh well,at least it gave me something to write about this time!

So whilst I don't believe in new years resolutions or any of that malarkey, one of my intents for this year is to put more content on the site, and whether anybody is reading or not, is kind of neither here nor there as it's my catharsis… :-)