A new project on to Kickstarter is the LILA and although the headline feature is security, it is really multifunctional. With the appropriate sensors questions such as "did I remember to shut that window?" or "did I remember to turn the iron off?", can easily be answered with most iOS, Android and Windows Phone devices supporting Bluetooth 4.0.

LILA is modular, and incorporates door/window sensors, (LILA Sensor), controllable power, (LILA Juice), audible alerts, (LILA Phonic) and the glue that connects them all together and adds Internet connectivity - the LILA Connect. I also wouldn't mind betting that these guys have other ideas up their sleeves to expand their contribution to the ever increasing portfolio of IoT, (Internet of Things). Of course one of the things that excites me the most, is the fact that this is yet another product that will make use of the capabilities of the IFTTT service. This really does mean that the possibilities for these sensors, power sockets etc., really depends only on your imagination.

You can always start small and expand later, but rather than restate everything that is already written on their kickstarter page, go visit it at www.kickstarter.com/projects/815934496/lila-the-ultimate-in-bluetooth-40-home-safety-and. Once you become a backer as I have, you make comments and the creators seem very open to suggestions about extending the products capabilities.

Below are the Kicktraq numbers for the project.

LILA: The Ultimate in Bluetooth 4.0 Home Safety & Security -- Kicktraq Mini