Just a quick post after my visit to the gadget show yesterday. I thought I would just show a couple of pics of the devices to my fellow backers on the Indigogo campaign.

I spent about an hour talking to Edd and Robert and briefly with Ronnie. The enthusiasm of these guys for this project really shines through, it's actually incredible that they have got the product this far.


I'm hoping that I'll get my hands on a beta unit in a few weeks time.


Here's me with Edd, and I'm holding a circuit board and a sensor and on the table is a Kibbi. The detail that goes in to the circuit board is phenomenal!


Slightly more detail than the picture above.

Having done the gadget show myself a number of years ago as an exhibitor, you cannot believe the hard work that goes in to setting these events up; never mind the 6 days you need to be standing up and discussing your product with interested punters! 

Kudos to the guys, as not only are they creating a product that is new and unprecedented in the market, they are also creating a future marketplace, that can only mean that the Kibbi eco-system can flourish in the future.