Ever wanted to affect the future feature set of a product - here's your chance!

Quoted from http://www.nuance.com/naturallyspeaking/contact/feature-request.asp:

We want to hear from you!

Use this form to request new features to be added to Dragon NaturallySpeaking or to propose ways to improve existing Dragon functionality.

If you have general questions about the product, check out the Dragon Resources Library. The library includes frequently asked questions, a product comparison chart, a description of key features and other helpful information about Dragon.

If you have a technical question, need technical assistance with Dragon, or have general, non-technical questions please visit the Dragon Support page where you will be able to reach our Technical Support and Customer Service Teams directly via email or phone.

If you would like to make a feature request for Dragon Medical then please use the General Product Feature Request form.

Nuance will review all feature requests to help us define the requirements for future versions of the product. Your input is greatly appreciated! To help us act on customer feedback, we ask that you provide as much detail as possible when completing the form below. For some inquiries, a Nuance representative may contact you to request more details or to ask you to participate in our beta testing program. However, due to the volume of requests, we can’t commit to a personal response to each request.