As someone who works in IT and therefore spends a lot of time in front of a computer screen, I'd long realised that it's very easy to get distracted. One of the other areas that concerned me was the fact that because of the highly accessible nature of information, are we, (am I?!), losing the ability to learn?

I started blogging occasionally some years back, circa 2008 I guess; and it's been pretty on and off since then. However it's been on a couple of platforms like wordpress and blogspot etc. Over the coming weeks I'm going to try and gather up some of those old articles and republish them here. However I'm going to republish them with their original publication date, so that this site has some sense of chronological order. Please excuse the mess in the meantime, and perhaps enjoy some of these old musings. I will also tag them with the tag "old blog".

I won't move across all articles, probably leaving behind anything that is just opinion, is very dated or just lacks any real relevance. If you really want to see it, most of it's at

For years one of the tools I used a lot was Microsofts Live Mesh tool. This tool made syncing files across multiple computers absolute childs play. You just set up the folders on all the required machines and the software just kept everything in sync.

However a year or so ago, Microsoft decided in their infinite wisdom to replace it with SkyDrive. The problem is that although SkyDrive does a great job to a degree it has 2 major issues as far as I'm concerned. 1) The folders must all be located under one parent folder and 2) there is total storage size limit and an individual file size limit of 2GB. This was particularly an issue when wanting to sync ISO images or large movies.

Joomla 3.1 has been released and is available for download at the Joomla website here.

If you ever need to prototype an application that your are creating for the PC/Mac, the web or mobile devices, there is a free tool available from Infragistics.

Indigo Studio lets you quickly create functional, animated UI prototypes.

Run a website and ever wanted to create your own favicon but not sure how? Do you even know what a favicon is??

Look's like I've always been keen on the idea of blogging, but as per now, not very good at doing it on a regular basis...

Why do I say that - I've literally just falling across a blog that I started back in 2004 and had completely forgotten about!

See my pointless ramblings at!

Here's a quick way of creating a macro in Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional that will allow you to navigate a word document quickly.

You will probably have to view this fullscreen unless you have fantastic eyes!

These days we all like to use our smartphones for many different tasks and in my case a few of those tasks are in my car. I have the ubiquitous iPhone and in my car I use it as my SatNav, (using the fantastic and free CoPilot GPS app), and obviously as a music player.

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