Part of the day job is to offer pre-sales consultancy on a product called Dragon NaturallySpeaking. 

This is speech recognition software and as such allows you you to write emails, documents by speaking through a headset to your computer.  You can also control the Windows interface just by voice - so you can open windows, close windows, minimise, mouse left click, right click etc, and also do natural language command web searches.

What a day at PDC, (Microsoft's Professional Developer Conference)!

A number of new technologies have either been launched or previewed - all of which look pretty interesting.

I have to admit right up front that I am a huge fan of Microsofts Windows Home Server.

Much as it's name implies it's a server for the home - all clear? no? Let me explain!!

Generally in an office environment there is a computer dedicated to providing services of one kind or another to any number of users at the same time within that networked environment. These services could be just to provide storage space so that users can store data of any kind in an area other than on their own machine - for backups of their machine for instance, or as a store for less frequently used files, so as not to clog up their own PC's hard disk with little used files. This computer is generally called a file server or just a server for short.

So the topic for today is Cloud computing... like most of the subject matter I cover with this blog I am by no means an expert, but I think that it's an area that is going to become far more prevalent very quickly, so I wanted to give a view on it in the vague hope that someone out there is listening!. If nothing else this works as a cathartic exercise to get these technologies that I "understand" into a written form which helps to solidify the idea in my head...

I wanted to talk about the new web browser by Google, namely "Chrome". If you are interested in taking a look at this you can download it from here.

It could be argued that we really don't need any more browsers out there what with Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera and so on. However, I always felt that it was inevitable that Google would want to create a browser that it could control. I think that the rest of these are pretty much very similar, a feature appears in one and then the next release of the others have features that are comparable. On this front Chrome isn't actually a lot different, but somehow you know that Google will end up taking a large market share of the browser market.

So I guess any blog has to start with a post of some kind, and obviously this is going to be mine… There you go; my first statement of the obvious!

In principle I don’t actually get blogs… Now there’s a good statement to start a blog with. Why don’t I get them? Well who’s interested in what I have to say?! I guess, in principle no-one is and everyone is at the same time – it just depends on what you have to say. I did start one a number of years ago, but  I didn’t do it for very long.

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