One thing that can make a huge difference to the look and feel of a website are the fonts used within the site. It's very easy to get locked into the idea that you should restrict yourself to the "web safe fonts" such as those defined at W3 schools.

I just can't resist a gadget and here's one that I'm looking forward to getting when they ship in September 2012. [*Update It's now April 2013, and I've just received my shipping notification!]

In their own words:- Pebble is the first watch built for the 21st century. It's infinitely customizable, with beautiful downloadable watchfaces and useful internet-connected apps. Pebble connects to iPhone and Android smartphones using Bluetooth, alerting you with a silent vibration to incoming calls, emails and messages. While designing Pebble, we strove to create a minimalist yet fashionable product that seamlessly blends into everyday life

As someone who works on computers on a daily basis, (PCs mainly, but I do have access to a Mac as well), I just thought I would share with you some of the tools that I use on a regular basis.

I came across a blog post this morning* that really opened my eyes about charity giving. The post is titled “5 things charities secretly spend your money on“.

I’m naturally quite a cynical person, (“oh really”, shout my friends…!), and always felt things aren’t quite as they appear when it comes to charity walks and specifically all of the “easy” ways of giving. But the level of fees paid to event management companies and other subcontracted firms is shocking. To my mind when I hand over my contribution, I like to think the greater percentage has gone to the cause, not to some other hanger on.

Not that you particularly asked to be kept updated, but I've now had confirmation that my Raspberry Pi is confirmed for delivery on 28th May - just can't wait to start playing with this little beastie! 

In preparation for the big day, I've rounded up these extra bits and bobs. 

  • SD Card - 8Gb
  • Power supply- AKA an old Blackberry charger - 3 pin UK plug to USB
  • HDMI to VGA cable (because all my computer monitors have VGA but not HDMI connections, and I don't just want to use it on my HDMI capable TVs)
  • USB Keyboard and Mouse
  • Python tutorials

And I'm probably going to need to source a case for it soon as these early Pis get supplied without a case, but there seems to be a good candidate at

According to the rumours the much talked about Raspberry Pi looks set to launch this week.

The Pi is a credit-card sized computer that plugs into your TV and a keyboard. Rather than reiterate all the details that can be found on their website, pop on over Raspberry Pi at

I'm looking forward to getting one of these little beasties as it really harks back to the days of the ZX Spectrum in the early 80s, when kids like me learnt how to program, which then set us up for later careers in IT. Don't expect a fully fledged Windows PC, this is very much a hobbyist Linux platform, but that is perfect to start your programming education.

So those of you who are geeks like me or have kids, it may just be time to take a look back to the future!

Joomla 2.5 launches tomorrow, so I thought I'd point those of you who are interested in this content management system to an article about the new features at by Andrea Tarr.

Sent this to the #stargazing programme, as I created it, and they said Brian Cox was up for putting it on the show tonight - whether that actually happens remains to be seen, but made me laugh!

img 0959

One of the frustrating things of running a blog, is that you actually have to write stuff occasionally! I suppose nobody actually makes you do a blog, and it's questionable as to whether anybody is actually reading it anyway!

However, there is something in my head that says it's a good thing to do, not least because it can bring some level of catharsis to you. Actually, I needed to check the word catharsis, as I was more inclined to use the word cathartic. Of course, what I am trying to say is that a blog can be a cleansing experience of all those things that are rattling around your head.

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